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Note: To go on reservation form, you should add to your list at least one apartment.

Payment - rules and conditions.

  • Cash payments

    We accept cash of course. You can get invoice for your report if you need one. You can pay in USD, Euro or local currency UAH (Hrivna). All payments will be converted in USD according current rate.

  • Credit cards payments

    We accept credit cards Visa, MasterCard, American Express. In case you will pay with credit card, price for all apartments will be 5 % more. For example if apartment cost 100 Euro per night, with credit card it will cost 105 euro per night.

    We can also accept payment with Pay Pal, the comission is 4.2 %

  • Payment through wire bank transwer

    USD bank account
    (for international transfers)

    Recepient: Kulik Ludmila Leonidovna
    Bank account: 26 20 19 34 627
    Bank name: OJSC Raiffeisen Bank AVAL
    Swiftcode: AVALUAUKCKB
    Bank address: Kiev, Ukraine, 04210.

    Correspondent Bank

    Correspondent account: 3582021711001
    Bank name:
    Standard Chartered Bank New York Branch
    (former American Express Bank Ltd.)
    Bank address: New York, USA.
    CorrBankSWIFTCode: SCBLUS33

    UAH bank accountля
    (for local transfer)

    Recepient: SPD 'Kulik L.L.'
    Bank account: 26 05 33 01 10 18 79
    ZKPO of recepient: 2104606306

    Bank of recepient:
    KRD Raiffeisen Bank AVAL.
    MFO of bank: 322904
    ZKPO of bank: 32494105

    in payment documents pls write
    'according card agreement # 0406028100'

  • International and local money transfer

    Western Union, MoneyGram for international money transfers.
    Аваль-Экспресс, Приват-Мани for transfers inside Ukraine.

    Western Union Money Gram

    Note: To confirm you reservation you should send payment during 24 hours. Please use details you see below for money transfer.

      Sergii Kulyk (first name, last name), Kiev, Ukraine. ( Pls, use full name. )

    You can send money through Internet using your credit card on web sites Western Union or MoneyGram: www.WesternUnion.com and www.MoneyGram.com


    Unfortunately we do no accept it. But you can bring it for sure. You can exchange them in cash at any bank of Kiev. It is pretty long procedure and you will pay 5% commission.


  Note: To go on reservation form, you should add to your list at least one apartment.

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