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Note: To go on reservation form, you should add to your list at least one apartment.

Our rules for reservation.

  • How we do reservation?

    If term of rent is less than 5 nights, we can reserve particular apartments in case your reservation will coincide with reservation or departure of other customers.

    If term of rent is 5 nights and more, we can reserve particular apartments, however for some apartments 5 nights are still not enough to reserve.

    Advice: Do not select just one apartment, in our database you can always find a lot of similar apartments. Pls precise with our managers.

  • Prepayment for 1 night ( we should get during 24 hours )

    When everythgins is confirmed between you and our manager, you will need to make prepayment for 1 night. If we have prepayment from you then we have apartment for you. If we do not have prepayment, then we can't reserve apartment wich you have selected, in this case you will get other one. You have a lot of possibilities to do prepayment, we can accept a lot of types of payments, look here.

  • Payment for rent.

    After your arrival in apartment you should pay for rent. If you have prepaid for one night then you can pay for rent on next day. It is better to pay all term you have planed. If you will pay day per day then apartment can be reserved for other customers and we will need to move you in other apartment. We accept a lot of types of payment.

  • Booking cancelation and money refund.

    To reserve apartment we spend a lot of time and energy. It is not easy. Before reservation of apartment, try to plan very well, your dates of arrival and departure. Because of your reservation we decline other customers requests, who is interested in the same apartment.

    • In case you will decide to cancel your reservation at any time, your prepayment for the first night will not be refunded.
    • Also for some apartments, if you decide to leave earlier, the payment for rent will not be refunded, or penalty will be charged.
    • In case you are not arrive, prepayment will not be refunded as well.

    The agency is not responsible for your private stuff and also the guests you invite to the apartment during your stay. In case of theft you should do as soon as possible the following:

    • 1. Immediately call to the local police office (local short number 02)
    • 2. Inform the agency about the robbery (+38-044-234-56-37)
    • 3. Receive all the necessary documents for your insurance company (for example the list of stolen things) at the police office.

    The earnest request - don't invite little known people, moreover don't give the apt. key to them.

  • Check IN and check OUT time.

    Check in since 12:00 till 13:00

    If you want to get in apartment at night, since 24:00 till 9:00, this night should be paid as well or you will need to wait till 12:00. If previous customer will leave early (before 12:00), then you can occupied apartment right after his departure, please presice with our managers.

    Check OUT - since 12:00 till 13:00

    If next customer arrive later, then you can stay in apartment ( or leave your luggage ) till next customer arrival. We will inform you about next customer arrival 1 day before your departure.

  • a. If you wish to stay in apartment till 18:00, you should pay half night more.
  • b. If you want to leave apartment later than 18:00, your should pay 1 more night. The items A nd B are possible only in case you will inform us about your departure time in the begining of your rent, not in the day of your departure.

  • Apartments review

    Almast all apartments which we offer, you can find on our web site. The location of each apartment you can see on the map, apartment indicated like 'B'. If you or some of your friends wish to see apartment before arrival, it is possible in case apartment will be availbale or if there is cleaning process. Please presice with our managers.

  • Apartment change

    If for some reasons you would like to change current apartment we can move you in other apartment. You should inform us about it as minimum 1 day before moving. Sometimes apartments have problems with hot or cold water, electricity etc., in that case we will offer to you similar apartment, with similar prices.

  • What is rental price include ?

      All taxes and comissions are included.
      There are no other hidden charges or fees.
      Bed and kitchen accessories, bed linen, towels, iron and iron-board.
      Hot, cold water and public utilities, local phone calls (Kiev numbers).
      Once-a-week apartment cleaning and changing of bed linen.
      Additional cleaning services are available upon request by extra charge.

  • What rental price DOESN'T include ?

      Long distance calls, international phone calls, ukrainian mobile phone calls.
      Food and water delivery, cooking, loundry services.
      Airport and railway station transfer.
      All this services are available with additional charge.

  • Additional services.

    Daily cleaning service - $ 5 - $10 ( 1,2 - 3,4 rooms apartment).
    Bed linen and towels change - $ 5 (for 1-2 rooms apartment).
    Bed linen and towels change - $10 (for 3-4 rooms apartment).
    Laundry - $5 - $10 ( up to 10 items ).
    Interpreter service - $10 per hour or $50 full working day.
    Food delivery - price of food + US $ 10 for delivery.
    Flowers delivery to apartment - prices here.
    Cell phone rent (cellular) - US $ 3 per day.


    After your arrival you should look that everything work well and condition of apartment is OK. At the day of your departure our manager will come to check everything and pick up keys. In case we will find something does not work or broken you will need to pay for that. We respect you and you please respect us.


  Note: To go on reservation form, you should add to your list at least one apartment.

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